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Windows 10 Broke My Unit Test

I am the author and maintainer of utf8rewind, a low-level library written in C that aims to add support for UTF-8 encoded text. It has functions for converting to and from UTF-8, seeking in UTF-8 encoded text and case mapping UTF-8 encoded text. One of the core tenets of the library is safety. To ensure […]

How to flip input handling on its head with action mapping

Suppose you’re working on a space action game called “Actioneroids”, which sounds a bit like something your doctor would prescribe a cream for. You started from scratch and got something on the screen as fast as possible. You wrote some code in C++ to create a window, loaded some ship graphics and now you want […]

Tutorial: A practical example of Data-Oriented Design

For this tutorial, I’m going to assume a couple of things. You are familiar with C++ You have at least a basicĀ  knowledge of OpenGL 2.0 You know what object-oriented programming is Bonus: You are familiar with game programming You are familiar with low-level optimizations You know what a cache is Ready? Alright, here we […]

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