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A Marketing Plan

SEO is important because search engines aren’t perfect. A slow update cycle, for example, can devalue an article on your site. Search engines also sometimes miss the mark on a great idea when it comes to the backlinks. And I don’t just mean when it comes to the keywords but also the subject matter. The […]

Data Protection

Compared to data protection that centers on information stored within a system, cybersecurity has a stronger focus on protecting a system itself. We have to prioritize and ensure that networks are secure against threats from both outside and inside the company/residence, and internally as well, we suggest visiting websites like Fortinet to start protecting your […]

Friends don’t let friends generate icosahedrons

A while ago, I did a retake for a course on procedural programming. One of the assignments was to generate a textured sphere. You would be marked on getting the texturing right, but I got distracted and decided to try making an icosahedron instead. However, I also made a version that used a more traditional […]

TinyImageLoader 1.7.0

It has been a long time since I’ve released a new version. This is mostly because TinyImageLoader went on the backburner. I’m still supporting it though. What is TinyImageLoader? TinyImageLoader (TIL) is a very small C++ library that can load PNG, BMP, TGA, GIF, ICO and DDS images. It does so without fluff or safety […]

About me

Hi. Welcome to my silly blog! I’m your host, knight666. I’m studying game programming in the Netherlands and I play games every now and then. I want to write about either of those, because there are a lot of blogs about games and a few blogs about programming, but not about game programming! I’m going […]

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